Social TV Android Application, “TV Friends,” Now Supports USA TV Stations

On May 19th, LUXALA Inc. (LUXALA, Nagareyama City Chiba, Japan) updated an Android Application, “TV Friends,” to support US TV programs.

“TV Friends” is an application to chat with people who watch the same TV program. In each chat room, not only a normal chat comments, but also Twitter comments with a hash tag for the chat room will be displayed. In addition, some functions (voting, playing sound effects, and etc.) to enjoy “shared TV watching” are supported.

LUXALA hopes everyone enjoy a social TV experiences with “TV Friends.” Please gather in front of TV with your smart phone!

<App Name>
TV Friends

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Currently supported Countries/Regions – Japan – USA

Currently supported Languages – English – Japanese

Features – Chat rooms for TV channels.   Over 100 channels x 6 time zones are supported for US TV Stations.   Over 1000 channels are supported for Japanese TV Stations.

– Twitter comments with each TV Station hash tags will be displayed and can be posted.

– Avatars can be selected.

– Voting functions are available with preset buttons like CIRCLE, CROSS, and 1 to 8 NUMBERS.

– Sound Effects can be posted like CHEERING and APPLAUSING!

– You can choose avatar position from LEFT, CENTER, and RIGHT, so that in Sports program, 1 team fan cheers their team from LEFT, and other team fan do the same from RIGHT.

– You can post a chat room rule to a ticker comment!   e.g. “A” team fan stands LEFT, and “B” team fan stands RIGHT.

– If other channels in the same area became “hot channel,” a ticker comment will inform you so that you don’t miss the fan period.

Notice: A TV screen is not shown in the application.

<Difference from other Social TV Applications>
– Many applications are basically TV Guide + Twitter Viewer applications, where “TV Friends” is a live chat room with functions to enjoy shared TV watching. In most applications, what Twitter cannot do cannot be done as they are Twitter Viewer + alpha applications. “TV Friends” has its own chat servers and many things are quite possible. For example, current version has voting system and posting sound effect system that Twitter Viewers don’t have.

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