Updated to version 0.6


Twitter Functions
A video help explains the new Twitter functions in TV Friends.

  • On each TV Station’s chat room screen, Twitter comments with hash tags for the TV Station will be displayed in blue chat bubbles.
    * To avoid spam comments, cometns with “http://” or “https://” won’t be displayed. Retweet won’t be displayed by the same reason.
    * Twitter comments for CATV stations can not be read and written now. The function will be available later.
  • A function to post a same comment to Twitter when you post a chat comment to TV Friedns is added. This function is “Off” as default, and can be turned on by Settings menu. TwitterSettings
    If you turn on the function, Twitter logo in Chat Input Screen will be lit and shows that your comment will be posted to Twitter as well. If you turn off the function the logo will be darkened showing your comment won’t be posted to Twitter.
    TwitterOn TwitterOff
    * To avoid displaying doubled comments, your comment posted to Twitter won’t be displayed in TV Friends, and only your comment to TV Friends will be displayed. * Twitter has 140 letter limitation for a comment, but as shown below, TV Friedn’s limitation is 255 letters. If your comment exceeds 140 letters, your comment to Twitter will be abbriviated.


  • New avatars are added.
    Male_front_6 Male_front_7 Female_front_6Female_front_7
    Male_side_6 Male_side_7 Female_side_6Female_side_7
    These avatars will be unlocked by posting a cheering TV Friends comment to Twitter.
  • When a comment is too long, the comment will be paged and displayed every 6 seconds page by page. By this function, a comment length limitation is changed from 90 Bytes to 255 letters.
  • A ticker comment length limitation is changed from 126 Bytes to 126 letters.
  • A name length limitation is changed from 30 Bytes to a certain width. By this change, the name length increased from 10 to 12 in double width letters (like Japanese), and decreased from 30 to 26 in single width letters (like English). If Twitter commenter’s name length is too long, the name will be abbriviated.
  • The End User License Agreement is updated. Even if you agreed with the previous version of EULA, you have to reagree with the new version.


  • A problem that cancel sound is not played when certain Settings menus are canceled.