What’s TV Friends?

TV Friends is a online service in which you can chat among users who are watching a same TV program.
A Chat Room Screen (a chat room for “NHK General Tokyo”)

Currently, Android and iPhone version is available.
Android 4.0 or iOS 7.0 and later is required.
You can download the application from here.


What’s TV Friends’ Advantages?

TV Friends is the only chat service which is customized for TV watching.

  • All TV Stations Will Be Supported!
    As long as we support a certain country/region, we will support ALL broadcasting center in the country/region.
    If your country has not been supported, please wait for our update!
    * Please refere “Q2: There are unregistered channels.” in FAQ as well.


  • Voting!
    You can post a preset color button or a number button very easily, and the voting result can be seen immediately.
    image041[2] image045[2]
    * The voting message won’t be sent to a TV station. This voting is closed in the application.


  • Set a Chat Room Rule!
    Users can set a Ticker Comment which will scroll at the top of the screen.
    Using this comment and avatar’s direction, you can express your stand position.
    In a Sport program, you can set “A Team’s fan uses ‘Right’ position, B team’s fan uses ‘Left’ position, others use ‘Center.'”
    In a News program, you can set “Supporter uses ‘Left’ position, and Opposer uses ‘Right’ position, and others use ‘Center'” to debate.
    image029[1] image039[1]
    Center            Right Position


  • Preset Sounds!
    You can post a preset sound including cheering, laughing, and other.


  • Hot TV Station Information!
    The Ticker comment tells you Hot TV Stations where there are many comments in each room.
  • Use Rate Feature!
    You can know how many people and how much percent of people are watching each TV program in a certain country/region and area.
    If you want know the rate now, it’s here.
    * This rate is NOT equal to “audience rate.”
    * This service is provided out side of the application.


  • Free to Play!
    Basically, it’s free to play.

Other Features…

  • Additional Avatars
    Free and Pay Avatar’s will be added in the future.


  • Additional Skins
    Pay Skins will be added in the future, and you can change the application’s look & feel.


  • Personal Information is NOT collected!
    You are safe in this application.
    * Detailed information is available in Help’s “Others: How LUXALA Inc. treats Personal Info?”