Q1:Can I watch a TV program by this service?

A1:No you can’t. Please use this service with your TV.

In addition, please understand that LUXALA Inc. has no obligation against TV programs you watch, and Broadcasting Centers has no obligation aginst chat contents in TV Friends.


Q2: There are unregistered channels.

A2: By the following reason, there will be unregistered channels.
Not Supported Channels
– Video on Demand
– Adult Only channels
– Music broadcasting like FM stations
– Weather, Transportation, or Text information only
– Shared wave reception system which doesn’t broadcast TV programs
– There is no time-based program schedule, and it’s difficult to watch a same program, and chat about it among users
– Personal Streaming Broadcasting using a PC connected camera
– Already exists chat function, and TV Friends is no needed.

Channels that Cannot be Recognized Broadcasting Fact
– There is no official web page (basically CATV), and broadcasting fact (start, end, updates, and contents) cannot be checked
– There i an official web page, but broadcasting fact about a community channel (basically CATV) is not mentioned. (Govermental hosted CATV tends to be this case)
– There is an official web page, but cannot understant what is broadcasted. (It could be a Text only channel)

Unregistered Channels It Should Be Registered
– Like a new TV station, TV stations which was not listed to information resource (governmental web page, Wikipedia, or a broadcasting association) when LUXALA started registering TV Stations is not registered, although it should be.

When you find an unregistered TV Statio, please report to a Forum’s “Broadcasting Center Addition Request” with URL which describes broadcasting fact. We are happy to resister such TV Staion.

Q3: How Twitter’s Hash Tags are decided in TV Friends?

A3: If there is an existing has tag for a certain TV Station, we consider “if the tag is used recently?” and “if the tag is used frequently?” and then decide which tag should be used in TV Friends. There is possibility that two different TV programs bloadcasted by a world wide TV Station in two different area are tagged with the same hash tag. To avoid this situation, TV Friends uses tags wiith area information as the following considering locality.
”#TVStationName #AreaName”
These tags will be used automatically when you use TV Friends.